25th Nov - 7th Jan 2018, Saatchi Gallery, London

Experience the wonderful world of adult builders this December at BRICKLIVE Christmas. The Star wars themed zone will feature a collection of official LEGO® Star Wars sets through the ages alongside some of the best custom creations built by adult fans. These builders have been carefully selected to provide a display that is sure to inspire all budding builders and amaze fans of the Star Wars universe.

Travelling all the way from Denmark, Morten Svendsen will be showcasing his amazing rebel fleet. This highly detailed display recreates the iconic scene from Return of the Jedi as the rebels approached the death star and includes all the giant frigates, corellian cruisers all surround by an array of microscale fighters.

Alongside this sits the incredible, scaled models of Peter Brookdale (aka Cavegod). These models are known across the globe as some of the best brick-built interpretations of iconic Star Wars vehicles. Peter will be bringing his famous Sandcrawler, AT-AT and Rebel transporter to name a few.

On display for the first time ever will be a giant, six foot long super star destroyer built by Rob Mitchell. This models has been completed exclusively to be on display at BRICKLIVE Christmas.

Last but not least, furnishing the walls will be the highly creative artwork of Vesa Lehtimaki from Finland. A highly-respected photographer, who has received worldwide recognition for his incredible Star Wars LEGO® imagery.